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It is really difficult to express how special your staff are.

You should feel proud of their dedication & care to all the residents.

Mrs. Reid, Resident's family

    Younger People with Dementia

    ypwd It is the aim of all at Barons Park to provide a service which offers comprehensive and importantly relevant high quality nursing care.
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    employment Whether you are an experienced nurse, carer or have yet to work within a nursing environment, give us a call or get in touch.
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    "Just to say that nowhere is 100% for your loved ones, not even their home environment, but Barons Park is as near as 100% as you can get..."
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Caring for people

Since the acquisition of Barons Park back in 1988, Barons Park Care remains under the daily ownership of Mr. & Mrs. Warren and their family.  2013 was the 25th anniversary of our service.  Day to day nursing operations are managed by a nursing team which boasts in excess of 75 years experience in mental health nursing.

Purchased originally as a residential setting, the classification of care was quickly changed to that of a nursing home. In 1988 Barons Park looked after 12 people, yet by 1990, on completion of our first expansion, the number of people cared for increased to 33. Since 1990 nursing care for the elderly with forms of dementia was our domain. As the years have passed, so our knowledge and experience in this field has grown, enabling us to care for elderly people with increasingly advanced dementias and challenging forms of behaviour. In 2005 research commenced, looking specifically at the next stage of development. Maintaining our levels of knowledge within a dementia setting was important; however, we recognised that this knowledge could also serve to benefit younger people. To this end, 2007 saw the culmination of this research and the opening of our younger people’s facility and the redevelopment of Barons Park Nursing Home. This redevelopment created a further 12 beds specifically for adults with early onset dementia or mental health care requirements, taking our long term nursing capacity to 45.  Of the 45 permanent residents, generally, 20 people will be under the age of 65, with 25 people 65 years plus.  We would like to highlight our ability to nurse individuals in age appropriate/need appropriate areas.

As a service we now provide nursing care for people (aged 40 years plus) with the most dependent, complex, challenging and advanced forms of dementia. Where a formal diagnosis of dementia type has not been made, we also provide nursing care for those who experience significant mental health care needs, in all cases we would expect to give care provision through to include end of life. As a reflection on our service, we accept referrals privately, through local authority, from the NHS/PCT’s, direct from CPN’s, consultants or other professional service and for instance may include people who may need care under a “section” or who may have a provision made under DOL’s.  We aim to deliver care in a personalised, respectful way tailored to individual need.  Care can be delivered on a daily, respite or long term basis, to include as little as 1 hour a day (drop in) to 24/7 care.

We believe that we provide an appropriate, positive care environment. We have always enjoyed a “good two star rating” from the inspectorate, whilst under recent assessment we achieved 99% compliance with requirements made from the Primary Care Trust (PCT-2012).

Since 1988, a large part of our success can be attributed to the many loyal, conscientious, skilled and hard working staff we employ. We are fortunate that even today, we can boast many staff of all grades who have given many years service to Barons Park. For this we express our thanks.

Barons Park Care Home is registered with the Care Quality Commission. Our service was last inspected on 15th January 2015. Please click here to read our most recent inspection report.

  Good - the service is performing well and meeting our expectations.